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    A Simple Guide To Which LED Landscape Lights Are The Best


    LED lighting has transformed outdoor landscape garden design, with exciting opportunities for new styles of illumination and mood lighting. LEDs are dimmable, safe, environmentally-friendly and can as easily be considered for outdoor environments.

    If you're not sure about which LED lights are the best for your client's project, simply follow this guide.

    • First, consider the positioning of the light to establish the required power and other features, such as ingress protection, mounting type (recessed or spike) and power source (mains or low voltage?) It is recommended no less than IP65.
    • Second, think about the effect you wish to create. Do you want a wide spread of light or a tight pool of light? How bright does the light need to be to achieve the desired result? What colour temperature do you prefer – warmer or cooler? What finish do you want for the fitting? Do you want it to blend in with the surroundings or be a style statement?

    Energy Consumption

    By converting to LED lighting your client will save on their monthly power consumption. Just compare the energy spend of non-LED landscape lighting with that of an LED installation. LED lights have a long lifetime of over 30,000 hours and are easy to install.

    The energy consumption of LED lights is 85% lower than incandescent or halogen fixtures and 30% lower than CFL.

    Your client won't be facing additional costs by having to replace their lighting fixtures several times per year!

    Ambience & Colour Control

    Outdoor LED lights allow choice of the colour temperature, as well as the light output. At Collingwood we offer a 2700 Kelvin option, which gives off a much warmer, more yellow light than the original LEDs. Our range of colour temperatures caters to different tastes and allows for the creation of different looks. For example, as the darker nights are closing in, 2700K gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

    So, Which LED lights are the Best?

    At Collingwood we offer a large range of LED landscape lights to suit different outdoor environments.

    LED Ground Lights: Recessed LED ground lights can be used in any outdoor environment, from pathway markers to patios, raised beds, facades and steps. Some of the larger fittings are designed to withstand being driven over and are therefore perfect for driveways or larger, more commercial projects.


    LED Strip Lights: Strip lights are a good landscape lighting option as they can be used in a whole variety of ways. LED strip can be mounted under decking and around ponds, under step nosings and benches or under the eaves on a building’s façade. IP68 rated products can be submerged so can even be used inside ponds. The discreet, flexible nature of Strip Lights allows for integration into fixtures and furnishings to create a subtle but highly effective way of illuminating which is comfortable to view as the light source is concealed.


    Bollard LED Lights: Beautiful wooden or aluminium bollards can be used to define and light driveways, pathways or perimeters. These are attractive landscape features in themselves and provide functional and long-lasting lighting installations.


    Choosing The Right Lighting

    At Collingwood we are continuously expanding our range of LED landscape lights and carefully tweaking the technologies we use to guarantee your clients are completely satisfied with the projects you deliver.

    To find out more about our well-engineered LED lighting range, please browse the product pages on our main website, or get in touch to speak with one of our advisers.

    The Landscape Architects Guide

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