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    Do LED Downlights Need To Be Fire Rated?

    Do LED Downlights Need To Be Fire Rated

    LED downlights are popularly used to light kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces. These lights are extremely versatile and, more importantly, they consume less energy than alternative types of lighting. LED lights emit less heat, and this also reduces the risk of fire accidents in a room. For even greater levels of safety, you can go for fire-rated LED downlights.

    What Are Fire Rated Downlights?

    One of the primary aspects to consider when shopping for LED downlights is whether they are fire rated or not. To install an LED downlight, you will have to drill a hole through the ceiling, and that will reduce the fire rating of the ceiling. Fires can easily spread across the floors of a building through ceiling cavities.

    Fire rated downlights are designed to reduce the spread of fire in a building. In other words, a fire rated downlight will give you some time to escape from a burning building by impeding the spread of the fire. These lights have intumescent pads that expand when the temperature rises above a certain level. The expanded pad will cover the hole drilled into the ceiling, and that will increase the time taken for the ceiling to fall off.

    Do All LED Lights Need to Be Fire Rated?

    There are certain regulations regarding fire rated downlights. These have been put in place to protect occupants of buildings from fires and ensure the safety pads do their job effectively. LED downlights only need to be fire rated if they are recessed or semi-recessed. If they are on the surface of the ceiling, they will not compromise the plasterboard, meaning the fire rating of the ceiling will not be affected.

    Recessed and semi-recessed LED downlights will reduce the fire rating of the ceiling since holes have to be drilled on the ceiling for installation. Using fire rated LED downlights will protect you and any other people in the building in case a fire breaks out, so it is in your best interests to install fire rated ones.

    What Are the Different Fire Ratings Available?

    LED downlights are assigned ratings based on the amount of time they can successfully block fires. These ratings are usually 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Sometimes, the downlights are even rated for 120 minutes.

    Besides the safety advantages, fire rated downlights can help reduce the damage caused to a building. If the fire crew arrives early enough, they can put out a fire with minimal damage.

    Weighing The Advantages

    LED downlights have many advantages, but they can significantly reduce the fire rating of a ceiling. To prevent the quick spread of fires across the floors of a building, you should consider installing fire rated downlights. These can hold a fire for a few extra crucial minutes, and that gives the occupants time to escape before risking injuries. Get in touch with us today for a quote on high-quality fire rated downlights.

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