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    Your Clients Will Love These Garden Lighting Ideas

    Your Clients Will Love These Garden Lighting Ideas

    The right lighting can transform a garden. If you are looking to create an exciting design with a real wow-factor, there are many types of garden lighting options available. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic area or a modern and elegant space, Collingwood Lighting has a huge range to choose from. These lighting options are flexible and will help you to create the look you want. Ensure your clients get the best out of their garden all year round with these clever lighting solutions.

    Spike Lights

    Spike lights are extremely versatile and can be used to illuminate flower beds or borders. They can also be used with lower energy LED fittings. Clever placement of spike lights will help to create points of interest throughout the garden.

    spike lights

    Bollard Lights

    Bollard lights are perfect for lighting up pathways. They are available in different designs, from traditional style to sleek and modern. This means they can fit in seamlessly with your client's chosen garden design. Take a look at the stylish options available from Collingwood.

    bollard light

    Decking Lights

    These lights are discrete and can create a romantic, stylish lighting effect. When garden decking is properly lit, it can be used throughout the year and becomes a welcoming social area. This type of lighting is also ideal for pathways, creating a safe route that has an impact. Your clients will love a well-lit deck which extends their living area.

    decking light

    Strip Lights

    To really create a striking area, you could consider using LED strip lighting. This will enhance and highlight your clients' decking, steps or pathways. Collingwood Lighting supplies a whole range of strip lights that will help you to exceed your customers’ expectations.

    strip lights coloured

    Ground Lights

    Ground lights are an easy way of creating a modern look that can really wow your clients. They can be used to create a dramatic effect, uplighting and highlighting different areas of the garden. Lighting trees and hedges from below helps to create extra height and impact.

    mini led ground light

    Wall Lights

    We have a huge range of wall lights available at Collingwood Lighting so you can be confident that they will match your clients' house decor as well as the rest of the garden. Wall lights add a feeling of security, and they can also be used to great effect in outdoor seating areas or along balconies.

    wall light

    More and more people in the UK are investing in outdoor spaces. Great Outdoor spaces create an extension to indoor living and entertaining spaces. Outdoor kitchens, artificial lawns, covered areas for dining and relaxed seating, are increasingly popular design features in modern exterior landscapes. The Collingwood Landscape Lighting range is what turns these areas into functional, inviting and warm environments, even as the nights turn colder.

    Get in touch with us today to discuss our landscape lighting range for your next project.

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