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    How To Make A Statement With Your Dimmable LED Lights


    Make A Statement With Your Dimmable LED Lights


    With rising energy costs, homeowners are keen to make economies at home, but everyone wants economy without compromising on quality. A well-lit home is essential for any family’s wellbeing. That’s why Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting is a good choice.

    LED technology is extremely cost effective, especially when compared with other lighting systems. It gives full, strong light which can be adjusted according to need. When connected to dimmer switches, users can moderate the electricity expenditure of their LED lights and adjust the ambiance of different rooms at the flick of a switch. With dimmable LED lights a homeowner can save money and make an impressive style statement.

    Economy & Versatility

    Modern lighting systems are very versatile. This is particularly true in the case of LED lighting systems. You can, if you wish, light a living space in a traditional style, with a lamp lighting a room. Or you can choose downlights. Downlights, which are embedded in various parts of the ceiling, can be controlled by dimmer switches to give more light to a specific area if required.

    You can literally make living room spotlights if you wish. Also, depending on the requirement, a user can adjust the lighting to make it brighter or dimmer as required. If dimmable LED downlights are installed in a home, or in certain rooms, the homeowner has full control over their lighting system. The strength of the lighting can be adjusted as per the user’s requirement. That’s not only versatile, but economical too.

    The Style Factor

    Depending on a homeowner’s preferences and lifestyle choices, their lighting needs may vary. At times they may need to light up the whole sitting room if they have guests. On the other hand, if it’s a quiet evening, they may prefer corner lighting only.

    Dimmable LED downlights allow users to determine their style of lighting. It’s the same with living room LED spotlights. You may need this if the client wants to concentrate on just one area in the room, or give prominence to one or a few specific areas. Lighting designs can be created in a way which allows for all of these lighting scenes.

    A Subtle Advantage For Contractors

    Dimmable LED lighting give homeowners more control over their bills and home environment. Contractors equipped with the latest LED technologies have a subtle advantage over their competitors in the range of lighting solutions that they can offer to their customers.

    At Collingwood Lighting we provide high quality LED lighting solutions for contractors, architects and trade wholesalers. To find out more please download our free ebook: The Electrical Contractor’s Guide To LED Downlights.

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