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    Landscape Lighting: Best Practices You Should Know

    Landscape Lighting Best Practices You Should Know


    The perfect lighting will showcase your landscape designs at their best, bringing an extra dimension to them as the sun goes down. Whether you’re working with a garden, driveway or public space, the right lighting can add captivating charm to any outdoor environment.

    Blend Lighting Into The Landscape For Maximum Aesthetic Appeal

    To make your landscape design really shine by night, ensure that lighting fixtures integrate into the background by day. Choose materials and finishes that draw the eye to the landscape, not the light. Also consider that maintenance will be easier if hardware is hidden away, reducing exposure to the corrosive effects of an outdoor environment. However, you can be confident that our marine grade stainless steel outdoor lighting is robust enough to withstand the elements for many years and are protected against water and other potential sources of corrosion.

    Make Every Night Count

    A well-lit path or driveway can make a stunning first impression and our drive-over ground lights are a great choice for a spacious, uncluttered feel. Ensuring the entryway and steps are also illuminated will continue the welcoming theme of any property. In an open outdoor space, a wash of colour over a wall or lawn will add atmosphere which can be dramatic or relaxing depending on the desired mood. Patio and seating areas are also made more inviting with task lighting, making them safer and more enjoyable to use whilst accentuating their design. Our stylish range of energy saving LED lighting offers a bright solution for any area.

    How To Minimise Light Pollution

    Consider how your outdoor lighting will look from indoors and make sure it doesn’t interfere with usage of any rooms, particularly bedrooms. Outside, check that lighting is positioned accurately so that you’re lighting the landscape, not the sky. It’s important that lights are easy to control to ensure they’re not left on unnecessarily, and automatic controllers are an ideal solution for some sites. Other clients may prefer to keep control at their fingertips with indoor switches - wired or wireless. Precisely positioned lighting is vital for maximum effect with minimum impact on the surrounding area.

    At Collingwood Lighting, we have an inspiring range of outdoor lighting for overall, accent and task applications, designed to help you delight your clients with your creative transformation of their space.

    The Landscape Architects Guide

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