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    New Product: Easy-fit Connector

    New Product_ Easy-fit Connector

    Here at Collingwood, we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve the efficiency of our products and provide useful solutions to you, our valued customer. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Easy-fit connector.

    Featuring loop in loop out, push-fit terminals and screwless internal cable restraints, the Easy-fit connector is suitable for new installations and retrofits within commercial and residential lighting. Significantly faster to install, the connector is a straightforward alternative to traditional screw-fit connectors.

    Suitable for any lighting applications up to 16 Amps, the connector is designed for quick and non-invasive installation – simply plug in and switch on. This cuts installation time and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding paint and plaster work. Not only this, it enables fittings to be replaced without specialist electrical knowledge as the circuit testing can be carried out prior to fitting, ultimately saving time and money during the installation process.

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