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    Product Introduction: MKII Floodlight Range

    Product Introduction_ MKII Floodlight Range

    The new Collingwood Lighting floodlight brings something unique and truly revolutionary to the market. Whether for commercial, residential or security use, the MKII has unique new features which make it easier to install than any other floodlight before it. In addition, it can be switched between three colour temperatures, is flicker free for visual comfort and maximum CCTV performance and has market-leading efficiency – and all this in one great light.

    As an incredibly popular product range in 2018, the expert research and development team here at Collingwood have taken the already successful floodlight and enhanced it even further for superior quality and superior value for money.

    Here’s an overview of some of the features of the MKII Floodlight that we think make it such an exceptional product.

    The Bracket – First Fix

    The new circular bracket feature of the MKII means it can be fixed onto the wall quickly and easily without the installer having to hold the heavy floodlight at the same time. Unlike the standard rectangular bracket, there’s no need to fumble around with the spirit level at the time of mounting. This is a most welcome feature when you’re battling the elements at the top of a ladder.

    The Bracket - 360° Orientation

    Most floodlights on the market can only be orientated in a 180° angle. This means the floodlight has to be mounted in the plane where it is illuminating, but there may not be a mounting place suitable.

    We wanted to overcome this constraint, and that’s why the new floodlight has a 360° rotation. It means the light can be rotated to any angle after it’s been mounted. Simply install and then rotate to the exact area you want to illuminate.

    As well as ease of installation, this flexibility means you can easily re-angle the light if needs change; for example, if the garden area is re-designed.

    Flicker Free

    We’ve done a lot of work to reduce flicker on LEDs across the Collingwood Lighting range. This is important for visual comfort with all lights, and probably even more so with large floodlights. The added benefit of flicker free floodlights is a much-improved image if they are being used alongside CCTV cameras for security purposes.

    A 1% flicker level has been recorded on the MKII, representing a vast improvement on its predecessors.


    The new floodlight is more efficient than ever, up to a huge market-leading 124lm/w, compared to a market average of 80lm/w. This represents a great saving in energy bills.

    Colour Switchable

    If all the above wasn’t enough, the MKII offers THREE different colour temperatures in one product. Using the toggle on the back, you can change between a 3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white or a 6500K cool white. This can be easily adjusted before, during or after installation, which means you can judge the best lighting for the environment once the product is in situ, or even change it depending on the use or the season. A cooler temperature is good for illuminating driveways and for security purposes, while a warmer colour temperature is perfect for gardens and pathways.

    For the contractor it means offering ultimate versatility for the customer without having to have lots of different lights in the van and for the wholesaler it means stocking one floodlight instead of three.

    Other features to note include an even stronger passive infrared sensor, with PIR override system, a wide 120° beam angle, 25,000-hour life span and of course the Collingwood Lighting guarantee of high quality built to last.

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