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    Setting High Standards With Garden Landscape Lighting

    Setting High Standards With Garden Landscape Lighting

    Selecting the right garden lighting for an exterior space is as much about function as it is about good looks. Particularly in coastal locations where there is a high salt content in the air, exterior fixtures can corrode rapidly. One of the major advantages of selecting a Collingwood's light as part of your installation is that it's built to last.

    Each stainless steel product is manufactured from 316 marine graded stainless steel, ensuring they perform excellently, even in challenging conditions. Not only does a durable lighting fixture reduce maintenance costs, it also ensures visual appeal for longer and can reduce the need for replacement, saving money in the longer term.

    Collingwood Lighting Looks Amazing!

    As well as having a number of excellent functional advantages, Collingwood lights are also attractive and enormously versatile. No matter what project you have in mind, there is likely to be a Collingwood's light that can provide the effect that you want. From sophisticated up-lighting through to adaptable down-lighting, spike lights, ground lights and more, the Collingwood range has something to suit almost every landscape lighting situation. The selection enables you to meet demanding design specifications successfully, providing innovative answers that can be tailored to suit a wide selection of outdoor projects.

    Exciting, Ground-Breaking Landscape Lighting From Collingwood

    Collingwood's lighting can be used to create the ambiance you're looking for, no matter what that might be. Suitable for large-scale projects (for example lighting public buildings or larger residences), the brand also includes lights which work well in smaller environments. As well as being just the thing for decorative lighting, the ground lights in particular are a good option for marking out pathways, illuminating steps or providing lighting for doorways.

    Cost-Effective Lighting Options With Low Maintenance Requirements

    Collingwood's landscape lighting uses low-energy bulbs which last longer than many traditional options. The minimal energy consumption required ensures cost-effective usage. This is of particular benefit on large-scale projects, where more lights than usual are required to give the desired effect. All fixtures contain LED light sources, which are generally found to use around 90% less power in comparison with traditional light bulbs.

    If you want to transform your outdoor space to give stunning visual effects, showcasing a garden's features so that the night time visual appeal is as great as the daytime aesthetic, Collingwood Lighting provides the necessary landscape lighting products to get the look you want. Suitable for ambitious projects that deliver great results, this brand fuses quality and value wonderfully well.

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