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    Strip lights


    The days when strip lights were consigned to the Cinderella role of background lighting with the odd foray into accent lighting are long gone. Fresh lighting technology means that contemporary strip lighting is one of the most adaptable and versatile lighting options on the market. Available in a wide variety of lengths and colour temperatures with varying light outputs, strip lighting can be used almost anywhere. If you want to create novel, innovative lighting effects, strip lighting will probably let you do it! A great option for clients who are keen to see the effect of the lighting without seeing the light source. Strip lighting can easily be concealed in a variety of locations. The popular choice for many different projects.

    Up-lighting, pond illumination: strip lights are up to the challenge!

    Exterior strip lights are manufactured to withstand moisture and temperature changes making them ideal for water features. If you want to create an engaging play of light on water, strip lighting is a great option to under-light an area of decking next to a pool. The IP68 strip lighting selection can be completely submerged in water with no ill effects, creating some amazing results.

    Accent a favourite feature with strip lighting

    It's not just water features which benefit from strip lighting, it's also perfect for illuminating decking, walkways, entrances, steps, an outdoor seating area or snug. Not only is strip lighting capable of looking good anywhere, it can also provide an excellent safety feature when used to light walkways and steps.

    Strip lighting - energy efficient and long-lasting.

    Contemporary lighting must be efficient to run and built to last in order to be an attractive option. LED Strip lighting can provide a high level of illumination for a highly competitive price. What's more, LEDs can last far longer than conventional lighting, creating further savings. Low maintenance, strip lights are growing in popularity as a lighting choice as their design and variations diversify. If you want to give your clients exciting, attractive illumination that's also extremely functional, strip lighting is the way to go.

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