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    The H2 Pro Elect Trimless - Concealed Brightness

    The H2 Pro Elect Trimless - Concealed brightness

    Collingwood Lighting is proud to announce the launch of a new addition to the H2 Pro range of fire-rated downlights.
    Designed with clean lines and visual comfort at its forefront, this skilfully engineered fitting combines an optically designed reflector with recessed LEDs to maximise lighting control and eliminate unwanted glare. Resulting in an under 14 UGR fire-rated downlight that produces 700lm at 82lm/W across a 45° beam angle.

    The H2 Pro Elect Trimless is plastered into the ceiling, creating a minimalist look perfect for creating modern, clean and comfortable spaces.

    Available with the option of our new dim to warm technology, our latest innovation optimises the best of high performance and visual comfort to create spaces where the focus is returned to comfort, enjoyment, or function, not the source of the light.

    To find out more about the H2 Pro Elect Trimless, click here, email or call our team on 01604 495151.

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