What to expect when choosing copper products

Copper is a metal with very good longevity, it is extremely resistant to corrosion and the ageing process of copper actually makes it more durable. Copper is one of few metals which contain natural colour. Because of this, the copper will weather over time turning brown, bronze and eventually forming a green patina. This effect blends in well with brick, plants and also adds to the character of the product.

The ageing process can be reversed, if preferred, by using a brass polish on the product. This would need to be repeated every 6 months in order to retain the original reddish-orange colour. Below you can see the natural ageing process of copper over a 25 year period.

Copper Ageing ProcessBecause copper is a metal with natural colour, it is extremely difficult to produce products which have oxidised at a consistent rate. Therefore, when buying multiple copper products you may notice a difference in colour between them. If the products are installed in a way which they are all subjected to the same conditions then this colour difference will even out and the products will then age at the same rate. If products are subjected to varying levels of sun and rain they may age at different rates and therefore vary in colour without regular polishing.

Copper Lighting Examples

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